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Nosaukums: Digitālo attēlu konkurss "Nereālā Realitāte"
Rīkotājs: konkursi.mycompany.lv
Līdz beigām: -2508 dienas (beidzies)
Beigu datums:
Forma: Akcija
URL: http://www.draugiem.lv/konkursi-loterijas/api/konkursi/46138...
Apraksts: Meklējam attēlu apstrādes guru! Jūti sevī mākslinieku? Tev patīk radīt vai pārveidot attēlus? Tad šis konkurss ir domāts tieši Tev!

Izveido attēlu, kurā redzams kaut kas nereāls, kas izskatās reāli un piedalies mūsu konkursā "Nereālā Realitāte"!

  • Radi vai pārveido kādu attēlu tā, lai tas atbilstu konkursa nosaukumam "Nereālā Realitāte".
  • Izmantot drīksti tikai paša radītus vai pārveidotus attēlus (Photoshop, 3D modelēšanas programmas, utt.).
  • Pievieno attēlu konkursa lapā līdz 2013.07.15.
  • Seko mūsu lapai portālā draugiem.lv (http://www.draugiem.lv/konkursi-loterijas) vai facebook.com (https://www.facebook.com/Konkursi.Loterijas).
  • Konkursa noslēgumā 2013.07.15. tiks noteikti 2 uzvarētāji - viens atbilstoši lietotāju balsojumam, otrs pēc mūsu žūrijas vērtējuma.
  • Lai izslēgtu iespēju iesūtīt svešus attēlus, mēs paturam tiesības dalībniekiem palūgt uzrādīt oriģinālo attēlu (vai 3D modeļa ekrānšāviņus) kā pierādījumu, ka attēls ir paša veidots.
  • Visi konkursam iesūtītie attēli ir to autoru īpašums. Ja vēlēsimies kādu no tiem izmantot mārketinga nolūkos, darīsim to tikai pēc vienošanās ar autoru.
Noskaidrosim, kuri ir Latvijas labākie attēlu apstrādes guru!

Abiem uzvarētājiem tiks tituls "Attēlu apstrādes guru", goda plāksne šeit, portālā konkursi.mycompany.lv, kā arī gadījumā, ja autoram ir savs blogs vai mājas lapa, dosim iespēju veselu mēnesi bez maksas reklamēties mūsu lapā.

Uzvarētāju vārdi tiks publicēti portālā konkursi.mycompany.lv un mūsu draugiem.lv un facebook.com lapās ne vēlāk kā 2013.07.20.Latvija
Balvas: Katrs no 2 uzvarētājiem iegūs:
- Titulu "Attēlu apstrādes guru";
- Goda plāksni Latvijas lielākajā konkursu un loteriju portālā;
- Bezmaksas reklāmu 1 mēnesi mūsu lapā.

konkursi.mycompany.lv-Digitālo attēlu konkurss "Nereālā Realitāte"


Ievietoja: konkursi.mycompany.lv

Par informācijas pareizību atbild tās ievietotājs. Ja pamanāt kādas neprecizitātes vai neatbilstības, lūdzu ziņojiet mums caur kontaktu formu.

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Facebook , 2013-06-16 17:42:53

Vai varu piedalīties, ja esmu reģistrējies tikai Facebook, bet ne draugiem.lv???

konkursi.mycompany.lv , 2013-06-16 18:21:28

Jā, var piedalīties arī tad, ja ir reģistrācija tikai Facebook... tad var iet caur šo linku: konkursiem.lv/lv/contest/461382

Tur būs poga Autorizēties, kur būs iespējams ieiet ar Facebook loginu un piedalīties.

dustdevilaxe , 2013-06-20 20:43:49

vienalga ne pārāk ērti. varēja takš arī ļaut uz kādu emailu darbus sūtīt. ne visi cilvēki ir (un grib būt) reģistrēti sociālajos tīklos. domāju, ka šāds ierobežojums ne vienu vien atturēs no dalības.

rx , 2013-06-22 12:26:21

Labdien, gribēju uzzināt vai kāds jau ir pieteicies?

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bEuW6beq1Bp , 2013-10-16 07:17:28

tur daži skatītāji veic tādas jocīgas kustības :))Prieks, ka kāds šo ir arī iemūžinājis, jo pasākums bija lielisks! Žēl, ka nieevnā no Jelgavas izdevumiem (lasīt - ZZ, Jelgavnieki, Jelgavas Vēstnesis) nav informācija par šo pasākumu un to, ka viens no gada ģitāristiem ir mūsu pašu jelgavnieks...

eHYUKMyG , 2013-10-18 02:26:15

Well, I’m glad I found you. I think it’s a great idea to have no user restrictions. Compared with other products, this way you allow a good testing phase, and for starting groups, like mine, it is really useful (to grow, we need a functional tool, and when grown and with money, we can upgrade secondary needs).Our requests:Calendar: We would like a way to make a timeline (maybe time line view) in the calendar for the next two years (please year view!), and we don’t have always hour or day, just month…Another wish-area: We would like to have integration with iCal. Maybe a back-syncro with googleCal?thnx a lot for this great tool, you are giving us a big helpAndres

bottes fourr茅es ugg pas cher , 2013-10-20 18:41:36

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pOPd6nhx , 2013-10-21 01:34:50

I know this is off-topic, but can anyone point me to some resources on fragments? I’ve been successfully using fragments for my JUnit tests (though I haven’t taken the time to put together a master test suite using the techniques described herein just yet).As it turns out, I also have some optional functionality to implement, and thought I would implement it as a plugin fragment (which I’ve read is one of the intended uses of fragments).Now to me, supplying optional functionality means providing code (IE classes – in a fragment) that code in the host plugin can optionally make use of if it is available. You confirmed what I’d already learned the hard way when you said that “classes in fragments are not visible outside of the fragment itself”. My trial-and-error testing shows that this is indeed the case, and holds even for the fragment’s host. What I don’t understand is how it can be said that

zRAqwi3Id4p , 2013-10-24 08:15:14

Hi Patrick,Thank you for your reply.I found out why my tests had started to take longer, and it had nothing to do with the fragment change. When I made the big change, I moved everything into a new Eclipse workspace. I cloned all the project stuff from the old workspace, but I was not clever enough to also copy all of the Eclipse metadata. I mean, of course I could have copied all of it, but I was afraid that if I had done that I might have ended up retaining confusing, conflicting settings from the old project organization. In other words, I would have liked to clone only part of the metadata, but the prospect of trying to figure out which parts are which was daunting.So of course I had to redo a bunch of settings from scratch. I forgot that in the old days I had customized the VM parameters for my test run, to give it much more memory than the default. When I duplicated that config setting in my new workspace the tests once again started running about as fast as they used to.So now e

egbAzXMyX1EX , 2013-10-24 21:22:50

Patrick, thanks for the great post, this is a really useful trick indeed. Actually, you can even get rid of the annoyance of having to use reflection to aggregate your unit tests from different fragments. You’re correct in that packages exported from a fragment are not visible at build time; however, you can work around this:1. export the fragment’s package (in its manifest)2. add the fragment project as a reference to your master suite’s Java build path (can’t do this in the manifest)3. add the exported fragment package into the Import-Package header of your master suite’s manifest (for runtime visibility)This way, the compiler is happy because it has the fragment project’s exports in the master suite’s classpath. The runtime is happy too because it can wire the fragment-exported package into your master suite’s classpath.I think this is simply a shortcoming of PDE — if you were to define a targe

wrV22VRrpt2 , 2013-10-28 09:12:51

method configuring the logging (necessary if I run the test class with a run configuration). To ensure things are clean before each test class is executed (after the previous one) I have the resetConfiguration() in the code above. I guess, I could put this also in a @AfterClass method in each test. With this setup, the test classes can be run from a run configuration and also from my TestRunner.How I see it is that in JUnit 4 many things seem pretty much annotation based and if I go and manually collect my test classes (as I had to) I have to manually execute them. But I might be missing some JUnit 4 bells and whistles here.If in Eclipse the JUnit Plug-in Test run configuration allowed to specify a list of projects to collect the test classes from (instead of a single project, package or folder only as it is now), then I could throw away my code and use this run configuration instead. And there would also be no need for the last section of your article. Or am I missing something?Cheers

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